Personal Digital Archiving 2017 (Standford)

Information about the 2017 PDA conference that was held in March in San Palo, California.

Personal Digital Archiving 2016 (University of Michigan)

Information about the PDA conference held in 2016 at the University of Michigan. The conference website includes a list of keynote speakers, who are also leading researchers of PDA. The detailed program schedule includes a summary of each class and workshop, which is a great resource for finding tools and other resources for PDA projects.

Personal Digital Archiving 2015 (NYU)

August 3, 2015 report, including numerous links to presentations and videos, from the Library of Congress’s Mike Ashenfelder.

Personal Digital Archiving 2014 (Indiana State University)

The conference website from Indiana State University 2014 PDA conference which includes information and resources from numerous information professionals researching this topic. The conference program includes the names and universities of many people whose work may be worth exploring for additional information on PDA.

Personal Digital Archiving 2013 (University of Maryland)

The website for the University of Maryland’s 2013 Personal Digital Archiving conference. Includes links to conference papers where researchers’ work, such as papers on digital acquisitions, may be more suited to researchers and librarians than those casually interested in PDA.