Managing Digital Files

Guidelines for Creators of Personal Archives: Practical Tips (Paradigm)

Dating from the time the UK-based Paradigm project was active in 2005-2007, this website provides insights into the way you work with your digital files that will help make them accessible over the long term.

How Long Will Digital Storage Media Last? (Library of Congress Personal Digital Archiving Series)

This 2-page brochure guides in thinking about best practices for actively managing digital content.

Manage Your Information

This guide from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) provides resources for personal and professional data management. Provides information about best practices, as well as tools and other resources for safety, use, and preservation of digital files.

Organizing Digital Media (University of North Carolina

This guide from the University of North Carolina offers information about file naming conventions, organization of folders and files, and tips on how to use metadata effectively.

Personal Digital Records (Library of Congress)

This document presents ways to think about preserving personal content with “enduring value.”

Resolution and File Size

A detailed discussion of image resolutions and file sizes from Shootha, a free online training program for photographers around the world. Discusses technical details about file sizes, best practices, and how to manipulate the files.

Version Control and Authenticit(UK Data Archive)

This webpage from the UK Data Archive focuses on “version control” or making sure the newest files are the ones being used. It includes a table to help with version control, an exercise on how to apply versioning in MS Word, and an exercise on how to synchronize folders.


Storing Your Data (UK Data Archive)

Information on backing up, storing, and encrypting files from the UK Data Archive. Also includes information on sharing and disposing of files safely.