For Information Professionals

Personal Digital Archiving Day Kit (Library of Congress)

Resources for planning and organizing an event, publicizing and running an event, as well as links to outstanding websites, reports, and videos (many of which are included in this annotated bibliography).

Preservation Week (ALA-ALCTS)

Although not only concerned with digital preservation (preservation of physical resources is also a concern), this website helps librarians plan Preservation Week events and hosts content of interest to librarians, too.

Home Movie Day®

Annual event with which to coordinate PDA events at a library, perhaps.


Cataloguing Guidelines for Community Archives (Jack Latimer, 2009)

These downloadable guidelines were developed by the Communities and Heritage Group (CAGH) in order to help individuals and communities preserve their digital heritage.


Skinner, K., & Schultz, M. (Eds.). (2010).  A guide to distributed digital preservation. Atlanta, GA: Educopia Institute; MetaArchive Cooperative Publications. Retrieved from 

This downloadable report by editors Katherine Skinner and Matt Schultz brings together contributions on digital preservation for professionals, often assuming work in professional contexts. Although the technology will not be immediately applicable to personal digital archiving initiatives, some of the methodologies and considerations might.



Exactly is a tool best suited for more advanced users. It is an app that helps users transfer born-digital materials without loosing quality. This is a great tool for libraries and other institutions to use for any materials being donated to a digital collection as it captures quite a bit of metadata in customizable fields.

File Information Tool Set (FITS)

This collection of tools from Harvard University are designed to identify, validate, and extra metadata from a wide variety of file types. FITS can be used by both individuals and organizations to help preserve and process content stores in numerous types of file formats. This resource is best suited for those with more advanced computer skills.