Social Media Archiving Resources


Keeping Personal Websites, Blogs and Social Media (Library of Congress)

This 1-page brochure clarifies some priorities and objectives of archiving websites.


Preserving Personal Web Content (8:06) (Library of Congress)

On May 10, 2010, the Library of Congress held Personal Archiving Day in conjunction with the American Library Association’s annual Preservation Week. […] In this video, Abigail Grotke, web archiving team lead and Gina Jones, digital media project coordinator, both from the Office of Strategic Initiatives’ Web Archiving team at the Library of Congress, offer practical advice on preserving web content.



Downloading a Facebook page to a local computer is a great way to make sure important photos, posts, conversations, and more are not lost if a profile is accidentally deleted or becomes inaccessible. Intermediate computer skills would be a bonus, as there is not much in the way of descriptive metadata for images and some other items.


Here you will find instructions for exporting and downloading data from Google email, calendar and photo-sharing products.


This post explains how to request an archive of LinkedIn profiles and discusses the benefits of doing so. The archive report includes spreadsheets with statistics and profile information which can be easily examined to look for errors and overlooked connections.


Instructions from the Myspace team on how to save items like photos, videos, and music from an account. Unfortunately a profile cannot be saved all at once, but rather one item at a time.

Social Media Archives Toolkit from NCSU:

This resource from the North Carolina State University (NCSU) was funded by an EZ Innovation Grant. It provides advice and resources for preserving social media activity on sites such as Instagram and Twitter. This resource is intended for both individuals looking to document their own activity and those looking to document events.


Users can download their entire Twitter archive, starting with their first Tweet, with these simple steps. This will safeguard any important images, conversations, or information stored there from being lost due to an account being deleted or becoming otherwise inaccessible.


Instructions on how to download and save videos from a YouTube account.


Thomson, S. D. (2016). Preserving social media (DPC Technology Watch Report 16-01 February 2016). Salisbury, UK: Charles Beagrie Ltd. Retrieved from

This downloadable report by Sara Day Thomson is another excellent resource from Charles Beagrie’s DPC [Digital Preservation Coalition] Technology Watch series. Written for information professionals but accessible to all, it includes considerations for using technology to retrieve content, ethics, and case studies as examples.



Instructions from Yahoo help on how to download images saved to Flickr. This includes information on downloading single images, entire albums, and multiple photos from a camera roll.


This helpful post from wikiHow offers instructions for Instagram users to download the content of their account. It uses a free online tool called Instaport.


Each board on Pinterest can be saved by creating a PDF. Here are instruction from the Pinterest team on how to successfully complete this process.