About Social Media



Quintessential social media site for connecting with friends and posting and sharing content. Create an account, load your profile information, and connect with the people you know.



Flickr is a web-based platform designed for users to easily edit, share, store, and organize photos. Creating a free account gives users 1,000 GB of storage. Its automated features and easy-to-use design will get even novice users saving and sharing their images in no time. Flickr’s ability to link with social media accounts and its ability to work across devices makes it even more accessible.



Instagram is a free photo and video sharing service and app. It integrates with other social media sites, such as Facebook, making it easy to share images with others. The organizational abilities are somewhat limited, and it is often used more for its social media aspects than for backing up image files. However, it does give users the ability to store their files and access them later from practically any internet connected device.



LinkedIn is a networking site that focuses on connecting professionals around the world. Users can share accomplishments, milestones, resources, and many other kinds of updates. This site can be useful for keeping track of a person’s professional and academic history and accomplishments.



YouTube is a video sharing service that allows users to create, view, and share their own videos. While even novice users can easily view videos on YouTube, it is best suited to intermediate or advanced users if being used as a video archive. Users must create a channel and follow community and copyright guidelines to use this service.