Online Bibliographies of Resources


Digital Archiving Resources (College of Arts & Humanities at the University of Central Florida)
This searchable collection of online materials features over 300 freely available electronic resources (including ebooks, reports, and articles) to support digital archiving in general and PDA in particular.

Personal Digital Archiving (
This collection of papers and research on PDA is available for free from, an organization dedicated to the dissemination of information. The resources cover a wide range of topics related to PDA. This is a great resource for finding some of the newest research and developments in PDA.

Cathy Marshall (Texas A&M University)

Cathy Marshall’s work is frequently cited by researchers of Personal Digital Archives. Her homepage includes links to many of her papers, including Challenges and Opportunities for Personal Digital Archiving and The Long Term Fate of Our Digital Belongings. These and other works provide a good information about why PDA is important and best practices for PDA projects.


Manage Your Digital Research Files (Wendy Kozlowski, Cornell University Library)
A LibGuide from Cornell University Library on digital information management. Includes tips on best practices, links to other tools and resources, and further reading related to PDA. Some of the listed tools may be best suited for individuals with at least intermediate computer skills. This is a great resource for any individual looking to learn more about PDA.

Personal Digital Archiving (Amherst College Library)
Amherst College’s list of PDA resources. It highlights resources created by the college and others, including a slideshow covering basic PDA information, links to professional blogs, and information about PDA projects.

Personal Digital Archiving (Liza Harrell-Edge, The New School Libraries and Archives)
A LibGuide from The New School Libraries & Archives. It includes advice on how to start PDA projects and links to PDA resources. This LibGuide breaks down information and resources along media types and also has a section on how to prepare files to donate them to archives.

Personal Digital Archiving: Online Resources (Digital Humanities Center, Columbia University Libraries)
A robust collection of PDA resources from the Columbia University Libraries. Includes numerous resources on topics such as best practices, metadata, file formats, and how to preserve specific media types. This is a great place to check when getting started on a PDA project or when looking for more resources on how to improve current PDA efforts.

Tools for Understanding Digital Files (Kari Smith, MIT)
This LibGuide by Kari Smith, expert in digital preservation, supports her 2012 presentation “Is it what it is? Tools for Understanding your Digital Files” and is full of excellent resources.


Personal Digital Archiving Day Kit (Library of Congress)

Resources for librarians wishing to host a PDA day at their libraries; since the contents are directly downloadable, there’s no reason that anyone with an interest in PDA can’t check out these resources on their own.


Resources for Archiving your Personal Digital Data (Kari R. Smith, MIT)

A helpful blog post from digital preservation expert Kari Smith at MIT. It includes a links to and descriptions of resources to help with PDA projects, as well as information on Preservation Week, links to other helpful blog posts, and a downloadable PDF that has great tips and tricks to inform users about PDA best practices.

Personal digital archiving — Word of the Week (Society of American Archivists)

A basic definition of personal digital archiving, along with a broader term, narrower terms, and a number of references where the term can be found.