Digital Photographs Archiving Tools/Resources


Keeping Personal Digital Photographs (Library of Congress)

This 1-page brochure offers tips for archiving digital photos.

Transferring Photos from Your Camera to Your Computer (Library of Congress Personal Digital Archiving Series)

This 4-page PDF offers illustrated instructions on the basic steps needed to transfer images from a digital camera to a computer.


Archiving Digital Photos (10:59) (Library of Congress)

On May 10, 2010, the Library of Congress held Personal Archiving Day in conjunction with the American Library Association’s annual Preservation Week. […] In this video, Phil Michel, Digital Conversion Coordinator at the Library of Congress’s Prints & Photographs division, offers practical advice on archiving digital photos.

Adding Descriptions to Digital Photos: Your Gift to the Future (3:14) (Library of Congress)

Since digital photography is instantaneous, we take and collect an enormous amount of photos. But as our personal collections grow, it becomes more and more difficult to find specific photos. If your digital photos are difficult for you to manage, how will your loved ones be able to make sense of them in the future?

This video explains how you can add descriptions and tags to your digital photo files to make it easier to organize and search your collection


File Format Migration (Peter Krogh)

Published to the website of the American Society of Media Photographers, this webpage provides useful information for converting image files, if necessary.